Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's day

When I hear the word mother, I recollect a docile woman, getting up first in the house, getting me ready for school, working in the kitchen most of the times, dressing me up for the parties and telling me stories during the afternoon naps. A woman who liked to write down all the recipes she could get. A woman who liked to knit sweaters for us. She taught me my first alphabet and was my first music teacher.

But as we grew up, somewhere she was the one who would bear the brunt of our anger for many things. If she wanted to talk to us and we were studying, we will just say “please don’t disturb”. When we went to college and she would ask 10 times in 3 minutes if we had food or not, we would tell her not to repeat the same thing again and again and she still did. We would scold her for being too friendly with strangers but she would be friends to everyone in the building. There are her morning walk friends , the temple friends, the friends in the shop .. and I am not sure who else….

I am closer to my father and relatively think for him more because somehow I know that mothers are always stronger…they can adapt to any place, any situation with the utmost calm. My mother has always amazed us all in the family with her abilities when we counted on her the most. The generation of our mothers has been thought as ladies who are not outward, not practical enough to survive in a city. But when I see them(both mother and mother-in-law), I am amazed by their adaptability, happiness at the smallest of things like going to a beauty parlor or to a shopping mall, their ever alert senses to see the tiniest detail and explain it.

Associated with a mother is also the memory of very sad incident. It was of visiting a friend at her mother’s demise. She told me, “Never ever get upset with your mother!” It’s a very simple sentence that has stuck with me for all these years. A matter of fact….but which we all do. We might get upset with a father but never argue with him….a mother on the other hand does not have that luxury. I still try to follow my friend’s advice…..still trying. And now when she is herself on the road to motherhood, here’s wishing her, my mother and all the mothers I know a very happy mother’s day….


  1. I second that mothers/women are much more stronger compare to men in most of the areas.

  2. Yuppp.. We do take Mothers for granted not realizing what sacrifices they do for us... They are indeed very strong....

  3. Nice gesture. although words, actions or emotions will never be enough to describe a mother!