Friday, April 2, 2010

Of paradoxes, ironies and anti-thesis

All three words remind me of a different era in school when we were learning figures of speech. The grammatical areas in the brain have been numbed with the increasing use of a polluted form of the language. Suddenly I feel those areas being rejuvenated with the hope that I will be making an effort to justify their use in the real sense. But, at the outset, let me admit I am no grammar enthusiast to give this a remote try.

Yes but I do want to write on the curious similarities I find in the world we live in and these figures of speech.

1) The person who makes a building, can he ever own a house like that(realistically)?

2) Everywhere (read the Vedas for example) it is said that service to the society is greatest. But the people who provide services to the society or a person(the roadside barber or the cleaner) are not considered the greatest people.

3) Clothes are for based on weather. However, the hotter places have the culture to cover up the body whereas the colder ones just the opposite.

4) And on clothes, we know the less the material used, the more expensive it is!!

5) Man needs food to survive and machines to make life easier. However, the people who produce food are poor and the nations working on machines are super developed.

And last but not the least, this is a famous phrase,

We hate the color black, then why do we dye our hair?

So, should I say man, thy second name is Paradox or an irony or an anti-thesis?

What is your take?


  1. Really nice to see you finally in blogosphere!! I am super excited :)!

  2. Hey... Sri... Nicely put... U know these are the exact things I was wondering about... :) I guess Man is a mixture of everything- irony, paradox and anti thesis...

  3. @Merlin - I was really scared to do this.Thanks for the encouragement.

    @Divya - Thanks Divya.Isnt it great to match up our thoughts? The blogs aren't that bad :)

  4. Good Start ma'm...
    I liked the conclusion...