Thursday, May 23, 2013

Live & Enjoy every moment of life

I recently went to my parent's house to stay over for a few weeks. I was meeting them after almost two years. A lot of things changed in these few years. I grew older of course, learnt new things in life and work, met awesome people, visited great places.

Life was changing everyday and change was becoming a constant friend for me. During this topsy turvy times when I was expecting a new wave of changes to hit me before life settled down a bit, I took a trip to visit my parents.

I met them after two years and the house after 4 years. But when everywhere, the world was changing, time seemed to have stopped still in that house. Everything seemed to be in the same place as they were 4 years back. I touched my mother and she appeared wrinkly. Dad looked frail than the last time l met him. But everything else starting from their smiles to the things and their placements remained the same.My mother seemed to be working in the same kitchen that I grew up in, the dining table was the same, the plates, utensils everything remained same. The beds we slept in remained the same, a little more creakier and may be dustier because no one slept in them.

I was amazed at the longevity of things in that house. And these were not merely non living objects. They all have my childhood wrapped in them. I opened the almirah and saw all the dresses and the jewelry of my mother which I coveted as a child. Many afternoons and weekends passed with me dressed in them and looking at the mirror imagining me all grown up.

And then the secret box where my dad kept all the beautiful things he had bought or got as gifts. There were beautiful decorative pieces and I remember one very beautiful desk arranger which I don't know when I had seen and I always thought that I will take that one day when I have my own desk. 
So cut back to the present, when my dad said please take some of these things  that was my selected piece. Now needless to say my dad was quite amazed at my choice, saying that why do you pick up such a useless thing. But see my childhood dreams told me that it will be useful….I happily took this desk arranger back.

When I came back, I saw that it really did not fit with the table top. Because there was no space and it looked bulky. Seems like my childhood dream is out of fashion now.So my desktop arranger is lying just like that….it came out of the box to sit on a closed shelf.

 I learnt a beautiful lesson from this, thing loses its significance when kept in safe for long…..things seem to stay forever when we start enjoying them….and so seems life and its starts thinking about enjoying life tomorrow and the moments a little later which never comes and when the time comes they lose its significance. 

 Well I don't know if I can get this into practice as it is against my basic DNA   , i.e. to save everything for the right moment to enjoy…. but well it is never too late to start.. 


  1. very nice and i love the conclusion :) thanks for writing such a very touchhing story :)

  2. very nice post and amazing observation, when one reminisces its baffling what r we chasing ... such posts makes us realize to give the rat race some break and relish the moment :)

  3. Very nice Srilekha ! very very true ....

  4. brilliant thought shared so simply, loved the post :)

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  6. Nice experience to hear. I too had similar experienced..... in buying crockery's and cutlery's and kept in shelves, i never used for almost 20 years and discarded it when i shifted to my new house. The perception was when i bought those items it remembered the dinning of my office party in Star Hotel and later i understood buying rich crockery and cutlery will not guarantee that delicious food will be served on ... thanks, your post rekindled my heart...

  7. hi Srilekha, nicely written (expressed). Keep it up!!